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Anti Bull Sh*t Air Freshener Spray

When the usual culprits start talking so much rubbish that you can actually smell the bullsh*t coming out of them, clear the air with the anti-bullsh*t spray.

  • The best way to give someone a hint that what they're saying is total...rubbish
  • The antidote to someone elses verbal diarrhoea
  • Sweet smelling air freshener
  • Just identify the source of bullsh*t and spray vigorously

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Anti Bull Sh*t Air Freshener Spray
Keep this on hand for all those moments when there's a little whiff of something in the air. What is that? It smells like...bullsh*t.
We all know that one guy who just fills up the room with his patented brand of bullsh*t. Finally you have an antidote to all that rubbish he spouts. Clear the air around him with this anti bull sh*t spray. We can't promise he won't keep trying to talk total poo, but hopefully he'll get the message when you keep spraying this sweet smelling air freshener at him. And if not, at least you can enjoy the actually quite lovely fragrance while you ignore him.
As the instructions say: Just identify the source of bullsh*t and spray vigorously. 

Technical Details

Measurements: Height – 15cm, 100ml
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Review This Product!