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ClaireaBella Girls Accessories

Adorable accessories that guarantee your place as the schools fashion queen.

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Play time is over

Join Jordan, Marcy and Hanna and make sure your girl becomes a massive hit across the playground by going to school fully loaded with all the hottest gear a girl could have! ClaireaBella’s always been about bringing some spectacular fashion glam to those important everyday accessories, and now we’ve got a whole load of fab bits and bobs designed just for girls! Any cool kid will absolutely love these amazing ClaireaBella Accessories, especially when they’re completely personalised to match their own look and attitude.

Just look at how our amazing girl group love their own ClaireaBella goodies. Marcy keeps her personalised notebook with her everywhere she goes, so she’s always got somewhere fab to write about all her favourite things. Jordan’s favourite is her ClaireaBella phone case, which keeps her all important mobile safe as well as stylish so she’s always ready to snap a quick selfie on the go! And Hanna loves her ClaireaBella pencil case with all those essential little bits she needs whether she’s at school, home or hanging out at her friends!

Pick out any of these swanky accessories and design your own min aBella on the front of it. Make her look the way you want her to by customising her hair, eyes, skin tone and even outfit to match the lucky lady you’re buying it for! Whether she’s a dancer, a shopper, a rocker or a princess there’s the perfect design for her just waiting to be put together!

There’s loads of amazing accessories to choose from, including tons of cool school stuff to make all the other kids jealous. From pencil cases to lunchboxes, drinks bottles to notebooks, there’s enough here to cover your desk in mini ClaireaBella goodness. Plus there are phone cases, framed prints and door plaques, so you can have all the glam greatness at home as well as school! Great gifts for those fab little girls who love to stay stylish – give them something special with their very own personalised ClaireaBella accessories.

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