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We've got 9 gift ideas for you Show: 40 | All

We've got 9 gift ideas for you Show: 40 | All

Something for the guys.

Don't worry guys, we'd never leave you out of the loop for too long! Girls, you know how he's been eyeing up your ClaireaBella jute bags? Your hoodies? Your phone cases? He's probably tried to make fun of all of them, but we all know here that his harsh words come from the green eyed monster. He's wanted his own ClaireaBella for absolutely ages and now he can finally have one without feeling like any less of a man. MrClaireaBella is the manly alternative, just for the dudes. Now he can finally stop 'borrowing' your bag 'as a joke'.

Fashion's never just been for the girls, so the MrClaireaBella range makes sure that boys can get in on the hottest trend around. Style him up right with a hoodie, zoodie or canvas bag featuring the coolest dudes in fashion. Just like the ClaireaBella girls, you can completely customise your MrClaireaBella character to look like your man, including his outfit, hair style and colour, eye colour and facial hair! Make him look your way then accompany him with the name of your man, or a special message that he can wear all day long. You can even bling it up with Swarovski crystals - these things are every bit as stylish as the girls version. Match up your individually personalised ClaireaBella and MrClaireaBella hoodies and hit the town as the most fashionable couple around!

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