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Credit Card Multi Tool


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Credit Card Multi Tool Ok, you all need to stand back and experience just how MANLY I feel right now. There’s no big build up here, there’s no beating around the bush.

Right now I am MAN and you need to HEAR ME ROAR. I was just given a credit card multi tool (ironically one of the functions is not that of a credit card.) Now, I am a massive fan of everything that is multi-useful, so imagine my delight when I was handed something that had ELEVEN functions, count them, ELEVEN. My excitement levels went through the roof, as can be expected. I think it would be beneficial to all of us if I told you the uses, would you like me to do that? Yes? Yes! Let’s go:
1: Ruler (because it’s good to measure things right?) 
2: A saw edge (because you never know when you need to cut through a tree). 
3. A knife edge (Chopping up your lime). 
4. Tin Opener (does exactly what it says on the tin..HA, let’s keep it rolling). 
5. Screwdriver (it’s not a drink, sorry).
6. Bottle Opener (for when it is a drink, and you need to open it).
7. Key Chain hole (not sure what this is…oh it’s where you connect it to a key chain…)
8. Two position wrench (because why not?)
9. Four position wrench (because four “why not’s” are better than two). 
10. Direction Indicator (For when up isn’t always easy to find). 

This thing is mightily useful. Now excuse me whilst I go all “Ray Mears” on next door’s cat. 

Technical Details

  • Not suitable for anyone under the age of 18 years of age.

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Review This Product!