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Duck With A Dick

Rubber ducky you're the one, you make bath time so much fun….'
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Duck With A Dick Bath time will never be the same again, this may look like your regular innocent rubber ducky but I can assure you he is so much more!

This little yellow chappy is concealing a cheeky surprise beneath the bubbles. Meet ‘Duck with a Dick’, a well-endowed specimen who’ll add a splash of fun to your bath time.

Please do not get this rude and cheeky duck confused with your child’s innocent rubber ducky!

He comes in great novelty packaging...If your friends/family find this dirty birdy just too much to take, his hidden secret can be removed, and re inserted at a more appropriate time...whenever that is!

A detachable penis is enough to make most men wince with pain, but the duck with a dick isn’t fazed at all! He's brave and not ashamed to let it all hang out, which is hardly surprising when you consider the size of his manhood in relation to his body.

The Duck with a Dick definitely has the equipment to impress the birds...

Technical Details

Packed into a completely acetate box, the product is fully visible, all with the exception of the hidden gem lurking beneath.
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Review This Product!