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Ex-Boyfriend Voodoo Doll

Get revenge on the guy who left you, by causing him pain with the power of voodoo!

• Harness the dark forces to get even with your ex.
• Includes 10 pins to stick where he deserves it.
• 11 revenge spells to cause him pain.

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Ex-Boyfriend Voodoo Doll
Found yourself spurned? Dropped? Dumped? Sent on the last train to lonely city? Don't sit around crying about it - get revenge! Use the mystical powers of voodoo to teach that good for nothing bastard a lesson! Picture your ex-boyfriends face and start sticking those pins! With 11 pressure points featuring different curses and spells, give him exactly what he deserves!

Technical Details

  • 1 x Ex Boyfriend Voodoo Doll
  • Includes 10 pins

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Review This Product!