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Farting Undies

Don't suffer from trapped gas - blast it through the fart hole in these fabulous farting undies.

• Flatulent friendly pants with a hole in the back
• Includes warnings to STAND CLEAR!
• Settle your crack on the gap and let 'er rip!

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Farting Undies
Don't let them build up, inflating your pants till your bum is Kardashian sized. Release your farts to the world and let them float away on the wind with the fabulous farting undies!

Better out than in, we always say, and that's why we love these farting undies with a hole in the backside for easy release of your splendid scent. Around the release gap are warning signs, alerting anyone near your butt of the danger that could erupt at any minute. With the "Stand Clear" and "Danger Blast Area" warnings around your...hole... you can be secure that you've taken every precaution before you vent your gas. Fart away boys, fart away.

Technical Details

• Polyester underpants with a "helpful" hole in the back
• "Stand Clear", "Danger Blast Area" and "Danger Phart Zone" are written around the gap
• One size fits all (medium/large)
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Review This Product!