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Grumpy Old Git Mints

The perfect gift for telling that grouchy old bastard to cheer up!

  • Sugar free mints in a Grumpy Old Git tin

  • For the man who never smiles

  • Grumpy Old Gits come in all ages and sizes - give them something to make them smile!

  • Caution - Grumpy Old Git is quite likely to throw the tin at you

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Grumpy Old Git Mints

We've all got one. A moody old sod in the family who hasn't smiled since grandma last broke her hip. Tell the grouchy fart what you think of him by getting him this tin of Grumpy Old Git Mints. 

This smart bronze coloured tin contains cool sugar free peppermints.

Even if this doesn't put a smile on his face, at least his breath will be fresher!

Technical Details

  • Sugar Free Mints
  • 45g/1.59oz
  • Made in China
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Review This Product!