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How Was Your Day? Wine Glass

You know you've already been measuring out your day this way for years, finally your other half can get the message. The full glass means don't even talk to me!

  • Large wine glass - big enough for even the worst days

  • Speak in wine - it's better than talking

  • They'll certainly get the message before they bother you

  • Let's face it - the "Good Day" measurements not going to get a lot of use

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In stock

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How Was Your Day? Wine Glass

Let everyone know how your day's been before they even ask - just by the level of wine. Full glass means don't even bother asking, you are not in the mood to talk! 

Such a simple but brilliant idea, this large wine glass caters to your best and worst days. 

A great gift for wine lovers and those with stressful jobs - at the end of the day a telltale wine glass is better than talking.

Technical Details

  • Large wine glass with "How was your day?" measurements
  • Dimensions: 14cm x14cm x 25.2cm
  • Wine sold separately!
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Review This Product!