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Lazy Readers

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5/5 Lazy Readers

Lazy Readers

Because sitting up reading just isn’t cool anymore! 

• Reading glasses that allow you to read whilst laying down 
• Bye bye stiff / achy neck 
• The perfect gift for a lazy reader 

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Lazy Readers

Use these glasses to read while lying down - without having to tilt your head. 
The lazy person's ultimate accessory! Read in bed while lying flat: the glasses specially mirrored lenses project the text from the book in your lap to your line of vision even though you're facing the ceiling!

Technical Details

• Read effortless at a 90̊ Angle  
• Specially designed mirror lenses  
• Lazy glasses are black  

Please Note: 
These glasses are to be used for short periods of reading only. Please remove the glasses before falling asleep. Do not wear while walking/in motion as they can be disorientating. 

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Review This Product!