My Family Photo Gloss Frame

1/8 My Family Photo Gloss Frame
2/8 My Family Photo Gloss Frame
3/8 My Family Photo Gloss Frame
4/8 My Family Photo Gloss Frame
5/8 My Family Photo Gloss Frame
6/8 My Family Photo Gloss Frame
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8/8 My Family Photo Gloss Frame

My Family Photo Gloss Frame

A must have keepsake for all family homes, we know being a family means you are part of something wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life, no matter what!

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My Family Photo Gloss Frame

‘The love of a family flows strong and deep, leaving us special memories to treasure and keep’  Make sure you cherish and treasure the importance of family with this stunning TOL frame. 

This ‘My Family’ Frame has been specially designed as a celebration to all of those special moments and memories we create as a family, each framed print is intricately made from words of love such as ‘Respect’, ‘Journey’, ‘Memories’ and many more as well as uploading a much loved family photo.  
Once you have created you're beautiful design, one of our trained production artists will create your personalised frame using the finest materials and tools to ensure this precious gift is received with a smile. 
To be a part of a family is to have the greatest gift of all!

Technical Details


•  Each typography of love print features set text, personalised text of up 10 words and a photograph of you're choice. 
•  Each personalised frame will be created by hand and will be topped generously with two styles of beautiful adhesive gems.
•  Each print will be mounted in a beautiful white mount. 


 •  You will be able to personalise you're frame with up to 10 special words. 

Photo Upload Functionality:

•  Using the TOL photo upload functionality you will be able to upload you're favourite image and apply special effects and filters to make it look even more beautiful, we do suggest that you carefully approve       the preview on screen as this print is exactly what will be produced.  

Please Note: 

•  For best results, please only upload images that are larger than 1280 x 960 pixels/ 1.2 mega pixels.  


• Once framed, your truly memorable gift will measure 13" x 13" 

Please Note: TOL frames feature wall hanging mounts only.

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Review This Product!