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Nunchaku Pens

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Nunchaku Pens


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Nunchaku Pens I’m not a ninja (if I was, I wouldn’t tell you, am I double bluffing?) I do, however, enjoy a ninja lifestyle on occasion. 

A breakfast of discipline followed up by a lunch of pure stealth, I know how to rock this ninja lifestyle. Ok, I’m definitely not a ninja (or am I??) I have bought myself something that will at least let me live out some of my fantasy (or is it my real life??) Ready? Are you really ready for this? Pens that look like Nunchaku.

Now, if you are reading that thinking: “Ey, up, a spelling a mistake lies there,” then do not fear, I thought the same thing, Nunchaku is the name that derived “Nun chucks.” I could have said “Pens that look like Nun chucks” but then I wouldn’t have got to show off the fact that I researched Nunchaku before I wrote this.  

ANYWAY, my pens look like Nun chucks! Damn straight I’m happy about that.  I don’t think I’ll try and use them as nun chucks though. Might lose an eye, or even worse: the pen itself. 
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Review This Product!