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Old Fart Mug

1/3 Old Fart Mug
2/3 Old Fart Mug
3/3 Old Fart Mug

Old Fart Mug

The old fart knows who he is, and he doesn't care. This mug celebrates the old fart and lets everyone know to stay out of his damn way.

  • Ceramic mug with Old Fart badge

  • No-one's going to nick this mug from you

  • Celebrate being an Old Fart with every brew

  • Remember: a true old fart never makes a brew himself - demand someone else do it! And make it strong!

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Old Fart Mug

A true old fart is one who knows he's an old fart and doesn't care what people think. Wear your old fart badge with pride on this brilliant coffee mug. Let everyone see how little you care. You are an old fart and you're damn proud of it. 

There'll be no confusion anymore as to which mug's yours. They'll all know who you are. Now demand someone make you another brew, you beautiful old fart you.

Technical Details

  • Ceramic mug with "Old Fart" badge design.
  • Holds up to 11oz
  • Microwave and diswasher safe
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Review This Product!