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Penis Shot Glass Set


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Penis Shot Glass Set I’m a liberal person. I really am. Ask my friends, they’ll all tell you the same thing: “Yep, very liberal.” It’s hard to know what to write when someone hands you a shot of vodka in a shot glass that is shaped like a penis. Do I approach this with humour or with caution? I’m doing both. I hope.

Here goes… Hen Parties and Gay Pride unite as one! (Think that did the trick.) A rather lovely selection of rainbow coloured, penis shaped shot glasses were recently keeping guests supplied with drinks at a party I frequented not so long ago. Of course there was the hilarious uproar as women giggled as they drank from them “Not the first time I’ve drank from one of these” was probably the most predictable and somewhat disturbing and ambiguous saying of the night that never failed to get a laugh. “All the colours of the rainbow!” Was the best I could muster up when asked how I felt.

If you want your guests to have a good time and a bit of a friendly, harmless giggle then definitely grab hold of a pair of these (wahey, there’s the humour) or even better: 3 pairs, as they come in packs of six so you can’t buy just a pair of them, so it was pointless me telling you to grab a pair of them, I only did that to get somewhat of a cheap laugh. I feel dirty now.
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Review This Product!