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Personalised Phone Case

Personalised fabric protective mobile cases with your name and favourite things

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You're on the case

What did people even do before phones? Like, did their thumbs just itch for something to press all the time? What did they look at on the bus? HOW DID THEY TAKE SELFIES?!?

All this to say, we know how important your phone is to you. We get it, we're right there with you, we can't live without our phones either. It's like an extension of yourself. Which is why we think that personalising it with one of these awesome phone cases is such a great idea. Why would you want to leave your phone looking just like everyone elses? A square, black, boring slab. Nah, stick on a stylish phone case and let your mobile stand out!

We've got loads of cool cases that you can customise by adding your name. We've got those great ClaireaBella designers on board to make you a gorgeously styled phone case with your very own fabulous ClaireaBella character. Design your character yourself to make her look just like you for an instantly iconic mobile. Or how about some positive word art for a happy feeling phone? We've got Typography of Love phone cases that include your name and favourite things surrounded by words of love. Celebs are going mad for both the ToL and ClaireaBella brands, and they're both exclusive to toxicfox.co.uk, so hurry up and jump on the trend!

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