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Read My Lips Marker

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2/4 Read My Lips Marker
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Read My Lips Marker


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Read My Lips Marker We’ve all seen it in the films right? After a night of passion or regret, someone always wakes up, walks into the bathroom and sees a note scrawled across their mirror in bright red lipstick. I know what I’d be thinking if it was my mirror that had been so lovingly defaced: “GODDAMMIT that will take forever to clean off".

Imagine my surprise when my better half left for work this morning, and as I ventured into the bathroom there was a huge message scrawled across the bathroom mirror:  “GONE TO WORK. BUY EGGS. XOXO” I didn’t know what I was more annoyed at, the fact that my mirror had been defaced by lipstick, or the fact that we had no eggs.

As I trundled over to the mirror to begin my lengthy cleaning operation, heartbroken and dejected at the thought that I couldn’t have an omelette, my world was turned on its head: The lipstick just WIPED off. 


Turns out, after some research and looking around, that it wasn’t witchcraft. It was a water-based marker in the shape of lipstick. Crafty. It wiped straight off of the mirror (hurray) and I tried it on the bathroom wall to which it had the same effect!
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Review This Product!