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Rubber Jonny Eraser

1/4 Rubber Jonny Eraser
2/4 Rubber Jonny Eraser
3/4 Rubber Jonny Eraser
4/4 Rubber Jonny Eraser

Rubber Jonny Eraser


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Rubber Jonny Eraser I’m only human. I will make mistakes. It cannot be helped. Sometimes a person just becomes caught up in the fun they are having and they just don’t think about everyone else and everyone that they are potentially affecting.

More than often the phrase: “Caught up in the moment” will be thrown around like yesterday’s jam, but this cannot be accepted as a viable excuse. I often hear “You were supposed to make sure this never happened” as if passing responsibility was ever a viable reason. 

We need to make sure everyone gets this message. We need to make sure everyone can hear us: Always use an eraser. Always. It doesn’t matter what sort of work you are doing. Even if it’s just a few sketches or it’s a final portfolio. You need to be protected. 

As hilarious as I may be, I genuinely received a pack of 3 “Rubber Jonny Erasers” in the post the other day. I’m not sure if they were intended for me or were for someone’s office in order to spice up everyone’s day and let them have a giggle.

These things did make me giggle though, I must admit, they came individually wrapped in foil and with a hilarious warning of “Do not use on male appendage.”  Well there goes the rest of my evening.
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