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Sperm Testing Gauge

1/3 Sperm Testing Gauge
2/3 Sperm Testing Gauge
3/3 Sperm Testing Gauge

Sperm Testing Gauge

Fill it up to see how much baby gravy you've got in the tank!

• Glass sperm measuring tube
• Find out how big your load is.
• Fill it, don't spill it.

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Sperm Testing Gauge
Don't pretend you've never wondered about it! Finally there's an easy way to see how well you stand up against all other men. Now we don't want to suggest that manliness is determined by the amount of splooge you produce but, you know, you wanna find out now that you're thinking about it. 
Have you got junk spunk or super sperm? It's easy enough to find out - just fill 'er up! There are standard ml measurements on one side, or (the one you really want) "comparative" measurements on the other. Find out if you're Mr Average, or if you just can't measure up. We all know you're not gonna stop wondering about your load until you test it out!

Technical Details

  • Glass measuring tube
  • Measures in ml or by novelty comparisons

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Review This Product!