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Stress Balls

For when you’re being driven nuts! 

• Lifelike balls  
• Relieves stress 
• They're a handful

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Stress Balls

Whether its the boss at work giving you a hard time, the annoying boyfriend or just your husband... being a husband, reach out and grab these balls to get even! 

This great novelty gift includes a set of stress balls which you can take your anger out on at anytime without consequences or the need to call an ambulance. So go ahead, squeeze it, poke it, slap it or crush it and feel the satisfaction of gripping them by the plums and squaring things out for only £4.99!

Technical Details

• Life like testicles  
• It measures approx 9 cm x 6 cm x 5 cm 
• Filled with gel liquid with 2 small rubber balls inside 
• An adult novelty gift and not for use by children

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Review This Product!