The Simpsons Egg & Toast Set

1/4 The Simpsons Egg & Toast Set
2/4 The Simpsons Egg & Toast Set
3/4 The Simpsons Egg & Toast Set
4/4 The Simpsons Egg & Toast Set

The Simpsons Egg & Toast Set

Make sure you enjoy your breakfast with Homer, simply remove his head and enjoy a yummy boiled egg with dippable speech bubbles containing some of Homer’s favourite catchphrases.

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The Simpsons Egg & Toast Set The Simpsons are the world's most loved cartoon family, these hilarious characters have kept fans laughing for generations.

Join in the humor and make breakfast more interesting with this hilarious Simpsons Egg Cup set.

Remove the top of Homer's head and place the boiled egg inside the egg cup, you will see the egg makes a perfect replacement. Speech bubbles containing some of Homer's famous catchphrases can then be created from toast using the combined toast stamp and cutter.

We are seriously putting the ‘Home’ in Homer with this awesome breakfast set.

Eating breakfast with the Simpsons sounds like the perfect start to the day for us! Just don’t forget to buy some eggs…’Dohh’!

Technical Details

The set includes a Homer egg cup with Toast stamp & Cutter.
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