Dappy Is BROKE! His Management Have Had To Pay Bailiffs £6000!

14th January 2014 OMG! 102

The guy who once said: ‘You go on I’m A Celeb or Celebrity Big Brother when your career is fading away. It’s a disgrace’, turns out to be in the CBB house because he is broke!
Yep. Dappy from N-Dubz is reportedly being paid £100,000 for taking part in this year’s Celebrity Big Brother. It’s a good job he’s getting paid, as the bailiffs have been hunting for him!
The Bailiffs were apparently going to serve him court papers in the CBB house, so his management team decided to pay the £6000 debt for him, as they were ‘worried it would have made him look ridiculous’. They even threatened to raid the house for cash!
A source told The Sun: “His management got an irate call from bailiffs who said they were fed up hunting for him. His appearance on CBB had basically been winding up the creditors — so they were planning to go to the house to serve him with court papers.”
Tut tut.

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