Jamie Laing Is Spotted Kissing a Mystery Blonde in Miami… Then Returns Home To Lucy Watson!

28th November 2013 WTF 947

Jamie has been a very naughty boy indeed…
The Made in Chelsea star has just been on holiday in Miami with his love rat pal, Spencer Matthews.
The pair were pictured on a boat getting quite close to two women, and Jamie is seen actually kissing his blonde ‘friend’! She is practically attached to his waist the whole time. Ew, get a room.
Those of us who watch Made in Chelsea know that Jamie has been trying to get with his co-star Lucy Watson for a while now. Their flirty banter on Twitter seems to confirm they are still seeing each other, so I don’t think Lucy will be very happy when she sees the cringey photos of him and his mystery woman…
To make things even more cringey and unbearable, as soon as the blonde ‘lost boi’ got back to England, he tweeted a picture of Lucy with the caption: ‘Look who’s driving me… Thank you @imLucyWatson.’
Oh deary me.
Do you think Jamie and Lucy should get together? Personally I wouldn’t be able to trust him after that whole fiasco…
Leah Pimlott x

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