Lucy Watson Battles It Out With Phoebe In MIC!

4th June 2013 OMG! 1032

Phoebe Lettice Thompson seems to be competing with Lucy Watson for the title of Queen Bitch of Chelsea! The pair both had their claws out last night, and were fighting over Phoebe’s ex- Alex.
The episode started off with Lucy parading around her and Stevie’s flat in her underwear, in front of him and Andy. She was then all like, ‘Oh I didn’t know you were here!’ to nostril boy Andy. Yeah, she mustn’t have noticed all the camera crew in her living room either…
lucy watson
She then went on a date with Alex and had a bit of a smooch with him. Phoebe was telling anyone who’d listen how Alex and Lucy don’t suit. She told her friends Olivia and Fran that Alex had told her he still loved her, and that they would always care for each other.
To be fair to Phoebe, Alex was her first love, and they are both still ‘friends’ to this day. So you can see why she feels protective over him, (and perhaps a little jealous!). Lucy is definitely just using the poor lad to get back at Spencer.
She made sure she warned her ex about Lucy’s intentions and told him that she didn’t want to see him get hurt, (meaning she didn’t want to see him with another girl). I think they should just get back together and stop beating around the bush. They both clearly still love each other.
Phoebe then decided to approach Lucy and Binky at a party the MIC cast were all attending. She basically warned Lucy to back off, but I have to say she did it in such a calm and collected way, it was great to watch! Lucy called her a ‘cold bitch’ amongst other things, and told her it was none of her business. Binky butted in saying that it’s clear Phoebe doesn’t want to get to know any of the girls and be friends with them, but she simply replied with, ‘No, it’s just you two’, HA! She had a smirk on her face the entire time that would irritate the hell out of you if you were on the other side of the argument. I thought it was fantastic!
Lucy admitted she was kind of using Alex to get at Spencer, after the pug looking love rat had text her with some soppy crap about having feelings for her. Jamie then got a call from Spence who told him to get a ‘cool group’ together to join him in Barbados, but to make sure he brought Lucy! He even invited Alex, because he’s annoying and sly like that. Phoebe is also joining them. Fantastic.
Next week’s episode will be full of bitch fights and allsorts. I can’t wait!!
Ms Pimms x
Edited: 08/08/13

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