TOWIE Series 6 Episode 3

31st July 2012 OMG! 496

“When’s Christmas, The 23rd?” Joey Essex just doesn’t have a clue! We still love him though. He was the birthday boy on last night’s episode, and he celebrated it in funky 80’s style. I’ve never seen a pedal bike as cool as the one he made his entrance on! There was some cool dance moves going on at that party! Lauren Pope and Lauren Goodger had a seriously awkward discussion on last night’s episode. It seems like Lauren P doesn’t mind at all that Tom P is seeing Lauren G, the only thing she does mind is that Lauren G said to Chloe “be wary of Lauren, she doesn’t have any friends”.
It made me cringe serious amounts when Lauren G tried denying she said it, and then Chloe came over and confirmed that actually, she did. I love Chloe and Lauren Pope, and to be fair to them they tried to be quite nice and gentle and didn’t seem to want a big argument, but Lauren Goodger always has to cause a big drama! She got all defensive and stormed off in a strop.
Lucy’s new dog Lola is far too cute! Although, she wasn’t very impressed with Tom K and Ricky. Who can blame her? Lucy says she trusts Mario 100%, but I find that extremely hard to believe. They just don’t seem happy at all at the moment.
Charlie is so cringey sometimes! I just can’t cope with some of the comments he comes out with anymore, like “I feel blokey” and “I am a nice guy what you see is what you get, but shut that bedroom door and I’m an animal”. No, just no Charlie! I wish he would just stick to being a genuine nice guy, there aren’t enough of them! This new ‘macho’ guy act just doesn’t suit him.
Lydia tried to give Gemma some genuinely friendly advice at the 80’s party, which was really big of her to do. They were both getting along nicely until, shock, Arg comes over to cause a big drama! I just cannot stand that poor excuse of a man; he needs to stop bitching like a silly woman. He wouldn’t let Lydia get a word in edgeways, and claimed that she’d made comments like “You’re scraping the barrel being with Gemma” and “you’re both suited because you’re both fat. He is such a horrible control freak. Gemma even got shouted at for talking to Lydia, who does he think he is?!
Ms Pimms X
Edited: 06/08/13

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