TOWIE’s Lucy and Dan Sex Tape?!

1st July 2013 OMG!, Trending 260

OMG! TOWIE was seriously shocking and absolutely brilliant last night!
You can usually sort of guess what’s going to happen in each episode, but I definitely couldn’t have guessed what Mario revealed about Lucy last night!
The ex-couple met up in a park so that Lucy could see their cute tiny dog, Bentley. Lucy was really upset that Mario had tweeted pictures of her dog being held by other women. She was ranting on at him about this, until Mario butted in and accused her of making a SEX TAPE with Dan while they were in Marbella! WTF!
This is the most exciting thing to be revealed on TOWIE for ages! Lucy screamed at Mario for daring to say anything about her when he’d cheated on her plenty of times. But she suspiciously didn’t reveal whether she had in fact done a sex tape or not…
I think she and Dan did make a sex tape in Marbella. If they did, then to be quite honest it’s nobody else’s business but theirs. They are both adults and were both single at the time, so I don’t know why Mario’s going on about it like it’s any of his business, especially when he cheated on her and didn’t treat her with respect when they were together! But it’s still some juicy gossip for all TOWIE fans!
In the next episode, Dan will confront Mario about telling everyone about his and Lucy’s sex tape! I can’t wait!
Leah Pimlott x
Edited: 08/08/13

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