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Whisky Rockers

Stylish and sophisticated - this is the only way to drink whisky!

  • Set of two glasses
  • Rounded, weighted bottoms
  • Make your drink rock and roll
  • Perfectly balanced 
  • They'll wobble, but won't fall

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Whisky Rockers
Looking for a glass you can swirl your drink around in, Don Draper style, like the smooth gentleman you are? Then the classic whisky rockers are for you. Whether you're a whisky lover or not, these great glasses are the only way to get that ultimate sophisticated feeling as you sip your favourite beverage. 

With the perfectly rounded bottom of a Kardashian, these glasses will rock and roll, but not tip over. Quick history lesson: round bottomed glasses were originally made for sailors, designed to counteract the rocking motion of the ship without letting a single precious drop spill on the deck. Now they're just a fancypants way to knock back your favourite whisky, rum or chocolate milk.

 So put on your most elegant suit, uncork your finest bottle of scotch and grab a friend, because these rockers come as a set of two. Try and keep your cool as you sample your drink, or give in and giggle with delight as you wobble the glasses back and forth. Come on, who could resist? 

Technical Details

  • Set of 2 whisky rockers
  • Round bottomed whisky glasses
  • Non-tempered glass
  • Holds 300ml
  • Gift boxed
  • H90mm x Dia.75mm

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Review This Product!