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XXXL Condom For Liars

1/2 XXXL Condom For Liars
2/2 XXXL Condom For Liars

XXXL Condom For Liars

This condom comes in size XXXL. The L is for Liar.

• Giant novelty condom
• Perfect gift for liars and showmen
• Can you rise to this challenge?

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XXXL Condom For Liars
As every guy at toxicfox.co.uk knows all too well, it can be really hard to find a condom that fits! Luckily there is a solution for those blessed with what we like to call "King Dong", with this XXXL Giant Condom.
Looking to make guys jealous and girls swoon? What will they say when they see the size of your condoms? Convince them that this is the only size that will fit you and watch their eyes go as wide as - well, a giant condom!

Okay, yes, no-one's actually going to believe you. But hey, it's worth it for that momentary look of confusion in their eyes as they try to work out "is this real?"

Technical Details

  • Extra large condom
  • For novelty use only (please don't actually try and use this)

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Review This Product!