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Fine wine deserves a gorgeous personalised glass

Who doesn't love a spot of vino every now and again (or, if you're like us, every night)? Whether you enjoy a big glass to yourself while Corrie's on, or you save it for those girly nights in with your mates, there's nothing better than a really lovely bottle of wine. Well, maybe there's one thing better...How about a really lovely bottle of wine served in an extra glam, personalised wine glass featuring your favourite fashion gals! Yep, ClaireaBella has a whole range of wine glasses, because we believe that when it comes to wine you've gotta make sure you're drinking it in style. This is how you do drinks properly.

Like everything ClaireaBella, these swanky glasses are exclusive to We've put our most glamorous ClaireaBella girls on loads of different glasses, each with a different theme and look so you can pick the best one that matches your personality. Each one even has it's own fun quote to match the fab design, and can be personalised to feature your own name on it, so everyone knows that this wine is yours!

Do wine right with an amazing, chic ClaireaBella wine glass made just for you.

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