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Guaranteed for Xmas

ClaireaBella and Her Personalised Shatterproof Bauble

Type: Bauble
Estimated Dispatch: 6

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Celebrate Christmas with a special someone and give the tree a personal touch! - with the new ClaireaBella Personalised Shatterproof Bauble, featuring your created characters in a festive style design.

Let's talk about the features:

  • Personalised ClaireaBella Shatterproof Bauble
  • Fun & easy to use character builder
  • Add your ClaireaBella character to your festive and Her Bauble
  • ClaireaBella character options include eye colour & skin tone
  • Added ClaireaBella character wears glam headwear
  • Shatterproof bauble
  • Bauble size 8.5cm 
  • Metallic hoop
  • Choose from 5 festive colours 
  • Lovingly made to order in the UK

Head into the festive season with a personal touch - with this festive ClaireaBella Personalised Shatterproof Bauble, choose from 5 festive colours, Red, White, Green, Silver or Pink and the added ClaireaBella character options include skin tone and eye colour.  The ClaireaBella character wears glam headwear.

Now have some fun creating your personalised character by using the custom options to pick your body type, hair colour, hair style, eye colour and skin tone, facial expression and perfect outfit and an accessory to place in your characters hand. 

  • Made from shatterproof plastic
  • Metal hoop top
  • Size 8.5cm
  • Choose from 5 colour baubles