Deer & Butterfly Paperself Lashes

1/2 Deer & Butterfly Paperself Lashes
2/2 Deer & Butterfly Paperself Lashes

Deer & Butterfly Paperself Lashes

These super fluttery fashion lashes are the ultimate gift for glamorous girls everywhere. These stunning high fashion lashes are featured in 'LOOK Magazine' and 'Mail Online'. Treat yourself and vamp up your look with these unique designer art lashes. Women have tried for centuries to have amazing fluttery lashes, now you can have the volume and design you've always dreamed of. These stunning Deer & Butterfly lashes are guaranteed to impress. Make a fashion statement today!

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Deer & Butterfly Paperself Lashes

These unique designer art lashes are inspired by the Chinese paper cutting and 19th century french lace, these incredibly intricate paper lashes blend elements of traditional culture with contemporary design. These stunning lashes are guaranteed to make a fashion statement and vamp up any outfit. Women have sought to enhance their lashes for centuries with all kinds of weird and wonderful lashes, powders and paints. But why just volumise and extend your lashes when you can adorn them with Paperself lashes!  Impress your friends with these designer statement lashes!

Despite their delicate appearance the lashes have been designed so you can wear them more than once!


Technical Details

Please Note:

  • Eyelashes affixing paste not included
  • Handle with care
  • Made from 100% paper

Product features:

  • Easy application
  • Cut to size
  • Can be re used if handled carefully


1 pair of re usable paperself lashes


4.2cm (W)

1.8cm (D)


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