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Duck Pegs


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Duck Pegs So I’m out in the garden, I’m hanging up the washing in order for it to dry. I reach into the peg bag (everyone has a peg bag, no matter what your age) and I notice there are a few anomalies awaiting me.

My other half has purchased washing pegs that have ducks attached to the top, better yet, these ducks have targets painted on them. This. Just. Got. Serious. I proceed to hang everything up in record time using these pegs. I run back into the house and I search for any projectile launcher I can find. An elastic band gun? I will take it as back up. A spud gun? No, too retro and too much starch involved.

A low power BB gun? I think I have my arsenal of choice at my disposal. I run back to the garden and proceed to re-enact every carnival I ever went to. Pow. Pow. Pow. Three down. Seventeen to go. In hindsight I probably shouldn’t have found the paintball gun. 

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