Egg Q-Ber

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Egg Q-Ber

Finally an egg that isnt egg shaped........... Eh?  

• This little beauty will transform any boiled egg into a cube within minutes! 
• Finally an egg I can slice perfectly 
• For best results….. Hard Boil

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Egg Q-Ber

Finally and egg that isn’t egg shaped!

This clever little egg-compressor will have people staring confused at your boiled egg collection.  

1) Simply hard boil your egg 
2) Peel away the shell 
3) Add a drop of cooking oil  
4) Place it in the Egg-Q-Ber 
5) Wait just 1 minute 
6) El Presto – Your egg will no longer be egg shaped, it will be cubed!

Technical Details

Measures approximately 9cm(H) x 6.7cm (W)

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