"Everyone's Entitled To My Opinion" A5 Notebook


"Everyone's Entitled To My Opinion" A5 Notebook

"Everyone's entitled to my opinion!" you may shout from the rooftops, but it's no good if you've forgotten all your important points. Keep a handy note of them with this useful, fashionable notebook, and never be caught off guard again.

  • Retro style flexi cover notepad

  • Just put your pen the paper and write down those opinons baby!

  • Great for work or school, impress everyone with your stylish notebook and witty opinions

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"Everyone's Entitled To My Opinion" A5 Notebook

Keep yourself organised with this stylish, snazzy notebook. Fill it with all those important thoughts and let everyone know that the opinions it contains are the only ones that matter - yours.

A stand out notebook with a clever retro flexi cover and smart gilt edged pages - this is one to make an impression at work, school or home. 

Fully lined pages make it easier to write down all those vital notes that you wouldn't want to forget. And it's small enough to fit in a handbag.

Technical Details

  • A5 flexi cover notebook with gilt edged pages
  • Ruled lines
  • Pink elastic book strap

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