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Make him laugh with a funny father’s day gift

We’ve all heard plenty of Dad jokes over the years. All those crap puns and cheesy gags that make your Dad lean back in his chair laughing out loud at himself while you quietly roll your eyes and wait for it all to be over. Yes, Dads are embarrassing. But for this one day a year you have to hold yourself back and force yourself to laugh along with him, because this day is his day and he deserves to feel like he’s actually a funny Dad.

So this Father’s Day go one step further and give your funny Dad a funny gift that will really make him LOL! If he’s a proper comedy lover then he’ll go mad for any of these hilarious presents. From the weird to the wacky to the wonderful there’s loads here that will make anyone fall over themselves laughing! Don’t let Dad be the only one with all the jokes this Father’s Day, embrace his wacky side and share the fun with a funny Father’s Day gift.

You never know, it just might encourage him to find some better jokes.

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