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Face it, these masks rules

What would you do if you could look exactly like your favourite celebrity just for one day? Would you try and live their life for a bit, swaggering in to exclusive clubs, rocking up on the red carpet amongst hoards of screaming fans, demanding to be treated like a God wherever you go? Or would you just head out to your normal daily life, freaking out your friends, family and co-workers as they wonder why they’re suddenly having lunch next to Kanye West?

Well we can’t quite offer you a face replacing gift (not until the boys in the labs are done with their testing...) but we do have the next best thing: these awesome celebrity face masks featuring all your favourite stars! Slap one over your own ugly features (just kidding... all our gift heroes are beautiful) and see who jumps when they see Katie Price lurking over their shoulder!

Featuring all the best celebrities from film stars to reality stars, royalty to politicians and even some of your favourite classic kids cartoon characters! With these top masks you can surprise your mates, turn heads at a hen do or rock out a fancy dress party! Bring out your playful side and feel what it’s like to look like your favourite star with these fab celebrity face masks!

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