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Give your eyes a make-over at with our fabulously popular Coloured Contact Lenses!

Our coloured contact lenses come in a fantastic array of colours and styles, from Naturalz, Illusionz, and Intense Lense, to our Xtreme coloured contact lenses. Whether you want to subtly change your eye colour or freak out your friends, we have a coloured contact lens for you. If you like our range of Coloured Contacts you may also like our Brand New Range of Glitter Contact Lenses!

These Fabulous Coloured Contact Lenses have taken the cosmetics industry by storm as seen in Vogue, Grazia and London make-up artists regularly use these coloured contact lenses to change eye colour, including Aymai Nishimura who works with Dolce and Gabbana, Armani and Vivienne Westwood.

Our XtremeEyez Coloured contact lenses are perfect for a Halloween costume outfit, or a crazy night out. The unique patterns of the lenses overlays the natural base to create a look that’s mad!

Also check out our Brand New Glitter UV Coloured Contact Lenses they are sweetly shocking. They give your eyes an amazing glowing and glitzy shimmer and come in plenty of stunning colours that are sure to get you noticed wherever you go.

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