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Hold On To Your Hats…And Hearts.

Did you know that the average person in Britain spends 28 hours a week in front of the television? Just think about, over a full day every week just lying on the sofa, not moving, staring straight ahead at that little black screen. Meanwhile there’s a whole world of thrilling, awesome excitement just waiting to be experienced! Supercars to be driven. Bungees to be jumped. Planes to be flown. Man was not meant to spend his free time snoozing in the living room. That kind of sedentary life can lead to heart disease and death and that is a scientific fact. So by getting you outside and thrilling your heart back in to action with these incredible adrenaline gift experiences, is literally saving your life. You’re welcome.

These adventure days are guaranteed to get that heart racing and push you to the edge until you embrace the adrenaline junkie lifestyle! After one of these exciting experiences you’ll never want to go back to spending your weekend on the sofa again! So what are you going for first? A Ferrari thrill experience? White water rafting? Big cat encounter? Aerobatic flight experience? Find something completely new to get your heart going and give you a brilliant memory to look back on. These awesome experiences make amazing gifts for anyone who needs to inject a little adrenaline in to their life, so you can give them a brilliant surprise that they’ll never have imagined. They might be scared before, but you know they’ll thank you after!

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