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Break The Mould! Defy The Status Quo!

Haven’t you always wanted to spend just one day the way that the Made in Chelsea crew spend their entire lives? With all the fast cars, the spa days, the posh lunches in exclusive restaurants and everything else that all those super glam socialites enjoy without even thinking about it. Finally you can have your chance to live your life like the rich and famous! Celebrate a special occasion with someone by taking them out on a day trip like no other with one of these amazing extravagant experiences.

Go all out with one of these gift experiences that will take you on a trip to a world you’ve only dreamed of. Take a helicopter trip over London, drive a Lamborghini at full speed round a track, learn to fly a small plane or enjoy tea and cakes at Windsor Castle. All this and more is just waiting to be enjoyed as part of an incredible gift that will give someone lucky an incredible memory of an unforgettable day. And when it comes down to it, is that not the best gift you could give?

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