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Brand New Funny Gifts

Our brand new funny gifts category is designed to bring through to you the newest and funniest gifts guaranteed to make the straightest faced people crack a smile and giggle!

Have a wander round our fabulously funny brand new funny gifts! We bring you the new and funny to you, whether this be a funny gift for your garden fanatics setting the humorous scene in the garden with one of our cheeky gnomes 'Nibble My Bits' or another one of our favorite is the naughty 'Ninja Gnome'! We all know a crazy cat lady right! Well we have the gift for you with our famous Crazy Cat Lady Action figure! Maybe your looking give someone a cheeky laugh with every sip of the wine with the world famous Upside Down Wine Glass - Yes I said it 'upside down' wine glass that doesn't spill a drop!

We are always looking for the newest humorous gifts for all to enjoy keep up to date, no one enjoys an old, predictable laugh treat them to a brand new funny gift only at

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