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Funny Adult Gifts

Kids look away now! Yup you guessed it, this is where things spice up a bit and you begin to question whether you should be laughing or cringing away in embarrassment. Well our Funny Adult Gifts might just make you do a bit of both as we have a very raunchy selection available now!

Don’t worry not everything here is saucy, however it’s a little hard to miss those cracking pair of stud undies isn’t it? No doubt they will take your breath away… perhaps just out of laughter and not delight! A hilarious gift for that one friend who thinks of them self “bigger” than they really are if you catch our drift, if that’s not your cup of tea then why not bump things up a notch with our hilarious (and a little disturbing maybe) edible anus! You probably had to do a double take on this bad boy, funnily enough these chocolates come in a rather charmingly presented little git box… just be sure to capture the exact moment on their faces when the box is opened.

Whoever you’re shopping for they are in for a treat as we have some of the most comical adult gifts out there, these Funny Adult Gifts will create all kinds of mixed reactions but we have no doubt that there will be an extraordinary amount of laughter regardless of who is “giving” and “receiving”… yes we totally went there, enjoy!

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