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Funny Gift Ideas for Friends

Band together with your chums and seek out some hilarious gifts with our Funny Gifts for Friends, show that special friend how well you know them with this brilliant handpicked selection, there something for every personality type!

Speaking of personality types, if you know a friend who enjoys a “cheeky” drink at the weekend why not treat them to one of our hilarious alcohol related gifts such as the ever popular Wine Bottle Glass which reads “Finally! A wine glass that fits my needs!”, no more drinking from the bottle because this bad boy will fill up using the entire contents of a full wine bottle. Speaking of drinking, when you wake up in the morning how many selfies can you count on your phone of you and all your chums? Come on don’t be shy it’s the 21st century after all! Well we have just the right thing for you to share with your friends, a hilarious take on your classic makeup bag this is a little something we like to call the Selfie Preparation kit… make sure you look your best the next time the lights start flashing but PLEASE no duck faces, your better than that!

All in all we have something for all of your friends but who will be the lucky one? You might even decide to treat yourself and to be honest we don’t blame you because here at our Funny Gift Ideas for Friends are on point and ready to be put to good use!

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