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Funny Mugs

Well if it isn’t the plain white ceramic mug YAWWN… as a nation of tea drinkers, here at we believe that you deserve better, which is why we would like to introduce you to our very unique collection of Funny Mugs!

Let’s face it, mugs are simply unavoidable even If you don’t drink from them yourself. You see them in staff rooms, offices and kitchens all around the UK but they all have one thing in common… they generally are just really boring! The time has come to take swift action and turn this around, and how you might ask? Well its simple, we are going to deliver to you the most hilarious and unique mug collection ever! Whether it be for yourself or someone you know we have a mug to suit everyone personality type, if you’re the kind of person that’s too lazy to stir (and wow that’s lazy… I’m actually impressed!) then don’t worry because we will support you with our Lazy Self Stirring Mug, simply push the button to stir and voila! If you know someone who is as selective with their coffee as they are with their men, then why not check out our Black Like My Men Mug… it certainly speaks for itself as I am sure you will agree… sure to cause an absolute stir of laughs!

It’s safe to say we have a truly humorous collection of mugs perfect for all occasions, so get rid of that bog standard mug you have been using year after year and treat yourself or someone special to one of our Funny Mugs available now at

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