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When Two Become One

Once upon a time you had two friends who were each their own individual person, with their own separate lives and ideas of fun. Two people you could hang out with and chat to at different times for different reasons. Then suddenly, almost over night, everything changed and they became the dreaded “couple”. Always together, they’ll never even venture out of the house if one of them would prefer to stay in. Suddenly all their time with each other means that each has less time for you and it’s easy to feel a little left out. But that’s OK, it just means that you have to make sure to enjoy the time you do get to spend with them, even if it’s a little bit less than it used to be. Plus there are other benefits to your friends being a couple: for one thing they now only require one gift!

Celebrate every occasion with that cute couple by giving them a fab gift that they can share and love together! We’ve got a massive collection of amazing presents that are perfect for two people to enjoy. Whether they’ve just got together or they’re newlyweds fresh from the honeymoon or even if their relationship’s lasted years and years, we’ve got something that will suit both of them perfectly and help bring them closer together.

Be part of their lives by supporting their happy relationship with that ideal gift. From matching personalised his and hers mugs, glasses and other home goodies to memorable experience days for two, it’s so easy to find an incredible gift for fabulous couples that it’s the best incentive to be in a relationship!

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