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'You Stay Classy, Planet Earth'

Great Odin's raven! Don't act like you're not impressed. It's not an optical illusion, or the pleats in the pants, we know that we have a massive...collection of Anchorman gifts. We raided the toilet store and found the Channel 4 News Teams finest leather bound books that smelled of rich mahogany. Then we punted the books off a bridge and kept these classy goodies instead. Take any of these great gifts to your next pants party, along with a bottle of scotchy scotch scotch (not milk, milk's a bad choice), and loudly proclaim how much you freakin' love Ron Burgundy (he's kind of a big deal), Tits McGee and the rest of the Channel 4 News Team as seen in the world's most quotable movie.

These awesome gifts are ideal for any fan of Papa Burgundy's gun show, and include official News Team mugs, quote laden shot glasses, Ron Burgundy moustaches and ACTUAL SEX PANTHER COLOGNE THAT STINGS THE NOSTRILS IN A GOOD WAY, OMG!!! Wow, sorry. That escalated quickly. But you know what they say: 60% of the time it works...every time.

So what are you gonna do now? Sit in a glass case of emotion? Eat an entire wheel of cheese? Maybe go to SeaWorld, take your pants off? Or are you going pick up your jazz flute, punch life right in the ovaries, storm a castle on your steed and grab some afternoon delight? By which we of course mean buy all these Anchorman gifts. Well, when in Rome...

You stay classy, Planet Earth.

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