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So rude you have to ask WTF

Let’s be straight up honest here: these gifts definitely aren’t for everyone. For example: unless you want your nan to have a heart attack on her birthday you probably don’t want to give her one of these gifts. And even if you do want to give her a heart attack (you know, in case you want to get at that sweet inheritance money before the old bat loses it all at bingo) there’s probably an easier way to go about it than with a chocolate anus. But for all your crazy mates and jokey bros, there’s a whole range of awesome, unusual, bizarre gifts to make them ask “What The F...?”

Our WTF Gifts run up and down the weirdness scale from Bobby Norris to Miley Cyrus levels of crazy, letting you thrill and disturb your friends and family in equal measure until they either have to laugh or cry. In case you were wondering if enjoying many of these gifts will send you to hell, let us set your mind at ease: it definitely will. But don’t worry, we’ll be there too and we’ll bring enough Taco Strokers for everyone!

If you’re after the weirdest, rudest, most offensive gifts to delight and disgust those closest to you on their special day then you’ve certainly come to the right place. Don’t worry, we won’t judge you for the things you buy. You’re one of us now. Let yourself in to a world of darkness and depravity and know that you’ll never see gift giving the same way again.

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