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Where style meets fun - The Glamorous Wine Handbag

Sometimes two things come together so perfectly you wonder how it’s never been done before. Wine and fashion have always been ideal companions and now finally the two are together in one fabulous item. The wine handbag gives you something gorgeous to sling over your arm to all those fancy events and nights out, and also lets you sneakily have a tasty little tipple without anyone being any the wiser!

Each of these gorgeous Vernissage wine bags feature a stylish checked pattern and a luxury rope shoulder strap, so they already look like a beautiful designer handbag. But inside is 1.5l of high quality fine wine with a hidden tap on the side to easily pour yourself a quick glass straight from your handbag! Forget ever waiting at the bar again!

These award winning handbags have been featured everywhere from Celebrity Juice to HuffPo to the Daily Mail’s gift guide for 2015. Available in 3 colours, each featuring a different type of wine – there’s a crisp chardonnay, a sweet rose and a sophisticated cabernet sauvignon. Head out on the town with a stylish handbag and plenty of wine, all in one gorgeous, ingenious package!

Please Note: You must be 18+ to purchase this product. Please purchase and use these gifts responsibly. And most of all Enjoy Alcohol Responsibly

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