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Diamonds Are Forever, Just Like Their Love

A lots changed in the last 60 years, way back in 1954, Elvis was just getting started, the first ever UK soap was aired, Scientology started its first church, rationing finally ended and the first Lord of the Rings book was published; this was a unique and exciting time to be alive! For no couple was this year more significant than the one which now celebrates their 60th wedding anniversary. That’s a colossal sixty-years together, a number so impressive were struggling to comprehend the gravity of this everlasting bond these two individuals have forged. Putting things in to perspective, they’ve lived through 6 decades, slept for around 175,200 hours by each other’s side and eaten approximately 109,500 slices of toast between them, wow, just wow.

The Diamond anniversary as it’s alternatively known is symbolised by said Diamond due to the both the value and strength it possess, it is also one of the most valuable and rare minerals with high conductivity and hardness, these characteristics are symbolic of those required to reach the 60 year anniversary mark with conductivity perhaps being the strongest metaphor for the level of compatibility and synergy between these two individuals that has made them so strong for all these years.

It’s clear then that in recognition of this achievement they both deserve a gift of some kind and whilst this anniversary is signified by a diamond you may be wanting some ideas that are a little more within your price range – that’s where we come in! We’ve got personalised gifts, special and unique presents for their wedding anniversary they'll cherish for the rest of their lives.

Check out 3 of our best 60th wedding ideas right here:

Diamond Anniversary Plate -This plate has a loving message inscribed with beautiful heart illustrates adorning it, a touching a practical gift.

Chrome Zippo Lighter - A stylish lighter turned in to a special and memorable personalised gift with touching engraved message.

Happy Anniversary Flutes - Nothing says happy anniversary like Anniversary flutes, these beautifully crafted glasses feature a custom message for a unique and thoughtful present they’ll adore .

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