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A Quarter Century of JOY!

25 years, twenty-five-years… may we take the time to applaud this couple for laughing in the face of time and putting together 25 years of marriage.

This legendary couple have been giving it their all for the last ¼ century, first trying the knot way back in 1989 which just so happens to be the day that Sir Tim Berners-Lee gave birth to the internet and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids first appeared on cinema screens or ‘Movie theatres’ as they were probably known back then. The year this couple finally embarked on a journey that would give them 25 years of enjoyment was one to remember for all involved and even more so them. Little known fact, the real Harry Potter aka Daniel Radcliffe was also born in 1989 making this literally (not literally, literally) a magical year.

Now you may wonder why this 25 year event is signified by the material Silver, yes? Well it’s really quite simple, you just have to follow this basic algebraic formula:

25 divided by Anniversary times Gift = Silver

Got it? Good, now for some helpful facts about Silver that will really help you to understand what this cunning little element is all about and how that will help you buy the perfect 25th Anniversary gift. Silver known in the periodic table as simply ‘Ag’ is a type of precious metal that basically looks very nice and has connotations of purity, cleanliness and wealth. Werewolf’s famously dislike Silver finding it “cold and deceitful”, unfair criticism I’m sure you’d agree.

Now you’re up to speed with the events surrounding the 25th wedding anniversary and have the ‘skinny’ on silver, it’s time to get buying that perfect gift and boy do we have some of those, especially the personalised variety. Here you’ll find everything from engraved lighters, personalised key rings, flutes, customisable wine and more!

Here are some of our best 25th Anniversary Present ideas

Antique Jewellery Box - Silver Plated - Antique? Check. Silver? Check. Personalised? Check, you have here the perfect gift for this occasion.

Happy Anniversary Frame - A beautiful silver frame with custom message and love hearts up top, a lovely gift.

Personalised Mr & Mrs Rose - 25 years of marriage all but guarantees this couple will enjoy a good drink and here we have just that, a delicious bottle of Rose Wine with a personalised label adorning the front, a classy gift.

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