Heisenberg's Bath Salts

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3/4 Heisenberg's Bath Salts
4/4 Heisenberg's Bath Salts

Heisenberg's Bath Salts

Cooked in the finest RV we could get our hands on and smuggled carefully across the border, Heisenberg's blue crystals are world famous for their effects on the body and mind.

And by "effects" we of course mean the relaxation that comes from a long hot bath with a sprinkle of these scented bath salts.

What did you think we were talking about?

  • Blue crystal, Breaking Bad style, Bath Salts

  • Made from Dead Sea salt

  • More relaxing than those other kinds of blue crystals

  • Product does not include meth

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Heisenberg's Bath Salts

These aren't the home-lab cooked, dime-bag bath salts you might pick up from that shady bloke in the pub - these are the purest, finest, bluest bath salts this side of New Mexico. They're so relaxing they'd make Tuco chill. Bath addicts love Heisenberg's crystal blue bath salts.

Made from natural ingredients, including Dead Sea salt, a sprinkle of these makes your bath fragrant and soothing. As any Breaking Bad fan knows - what could go wrong with Heisenberg and a bathtub?

Great gift for Breaking Bad fans - use them to help wind down after rewatching the finale.

Technical Details

  • Blue crystal shaped bath salts
  • Fragrance with soothing chemicals
  • Made with Dead Sea Salt
  • 170g

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