The Perfect Man

1/2 The Perfect Man
2/2 The Perfect Man

The Perfect Man

Your perfect man has arrived! Sexy, clean, considerate and handsome - he's also inflatable.

• Blow up your perfect man and take him with you wherever you go
• Comes ready equipped with flowers and chocs (what a guy!)
• Finally a man who'll listen to you!

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The Perfect Man
Finally that perfect man has arrived at your doorstep. Yes, he may be inflatable and yes, he may only be 50cm tall but he's brought a bouquet of flowers and a heart shaped box of chocs for you! What more could you want in a man?

Blow up this inflatable stud until you can feel those chest muscles under his part-open shirt grow to a fine, hard shape. You'll find this handsome devil quite the gentleman - he never argues, he's clean and tidy, he's always there to listen to you and you can take him with you wherever you go. Plus, you have to admit, he is rather dashing!

The perfect husband, partner or boyfriend is right here waiting for you. You just, er...may have to give him a quick blow first. Well he is still a man...

Technical Details

• Inflatable gentleman
• Stands 50cm tall
• Stylish retro packaging

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